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Breeders Of Jack Russell Terriers

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Breeders Of Jack Russell Terriers

Double D Jack Russells -- West Tisbury

PO Box 179
West Tisbury, MA. 02575


Breeders Of Jack Russell Terriers

Brightjacks’ Shortiejacks -- Riverview

Riverview, FL. 33569

Breeder of 25 years, focused on preserving Top Quality Bloodlines. Puppies produced by health tested parents with exceptional overall qualities in health, temperaments and eye appealing conformation.


Breeders Of Jack Russell Terriers

CLT Russells --

, CA.

We breed for health, temperament and conformation. Parents are all health tested and have been shown in AKC and UKC Conformation. Showing dogs is a good test of their temperament as well as a great tool for us as breeders to better our dogs in order to move forward with the dogs that best meet the standard of the breed in both structure and temperament


Breeders Of Jack Russell Terriers

Promised Land Russell Ranch --

, CA.

We are located in the beautiful High Desert of Southern California. We are proud members of the JRTCA. Our commitment is to preserve and protect the working terrier. We strive to educate prospective owners in the responsibilities, challenges, and rewards of Jack Russell Terrier ownership. If you are interested in obtaining a Jack Russell, a wonderful place to find information, is on the JRTCA (Jack Russell Terrier Club of America) web site. Also, please consider Russell Rescue or other rescue/shelter options when considering a JRT. There are wonderful dogs available that are in need of loving, forever homes. In light of this we strongly recommend the Online Jack Russell Profiler for prospective owners before purchasing a JRT.


Breeders Of Jack Russell Terriers

Tall Trees & Shors Jack Russell Terriers --

, NY.

Breeder of quality short-legged Jack Russell Terriers since early 80’s.


Breeders Of Jack Russell Terriers

Rustling Oaks -- Melbourne

Melbourne, FL.

At this time we are a small hobby breeder producing 1 to 2 litters a year, with great emphasis on quality, correct conformation and temperaments. All of our dogs live in the house and are part of our family. We love going to the shows!


Breeders Of Jack Russell Terriers

Celtic River -- Gainesville

Gainesville, FL.

Celtic River Jack Russells is a small kennel located in north central Florida.Top English and American bloodlines. All breeding stock is JRTCA registered, CERF and Baer tested. All DNA tested NORMAL


Breeders Of Jack Russell Terriers

Lost Marbles Terriers -- Flagstaff

Flagstaff, AZ.


Breeders Of Jack Russell Terriers

Ravenhill Russells -- Bear Creek

Bear Creek, NC.

As a breeder I breed to the ARTC (American Russell Terrier Club - AKC Parent Club) standard for the AKC Russell terrier. I breed 10-12" terriers, slightly longer than tall, no "puddins" but I try to get 50/50 proportions (length of leg to depth of body), with good straight legs (no crooked, heavy chested dogs with dwarf characteristics) and a medium build. My dogs go into homes with or without children; homes replacing 14-16 year old dogs that have finally passed; homes of young couples getting their 1st dog that love to "play" with their dogs. People are looking for quality, temperament, good conformation (so they don't have problems as they age) and a dog that "fits in" to their household. While they are terriers, and possess prey drive that is characteristic of the breed, they are not overly hyper or aggressive. Actually, they love to sleep with their new owners. All breeding dogs are genetically screened prior to breeding, and temperaments assessed. I have had these dogs since 1989. While I don't have pups all the time, I do breed regularly, and a deposit will secure you a dog, if not from one litter, then maybe one later on."


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